Uplight Technology Company to Launch LED Tube and Flood Light at TILS 2015


Uplight Technology Company (ULTC) was founded in 2009 in Kaohsiung City,Taiwan. We are a professional LED lighting manufacturer with the completion of the entire product supply chain. We can offer indoor and outdoor LED lighting products. We can also customize LED lighting products for customers.

 Since we were founded, we have dedicated to Certification, R&D, Production, Quality, Marketing and Global Customer Service. We have always take customer satisfaction as our top priority. Through constant innovation and development of products, we can provide global customers with the products of the most stable quality and reasonable price, and the best service.

The two new series, LED tube and LED flood light, will exhibit at TILS 2015













Energy- saving LED T8 tube: 1’/2’/3’/4’/5’

Products Description:

The innovative LED tube integrated a LED light source into a traditional fluorescent form factor. The unique design allows more light than standard LED tube thereby provides a more uniform light output and energy saving potential of up to 55% by replacing T8 fluorescent tubes. The T8 tube is easy to install and fits into linear fixtures, making it a perfect upgrade solution where environmental friendly and long life are critical..


˙T8 shape with G13 socket.

˙Up to 40,000HRs lifespan.

˙RoHS compliant, no mercury.

˙Energy Efficiency ClassA+

˙Overpower, overheat and short circuit protected.


 Suitable for warehouses, corridors, offices, industry, parking lots and indirect illumination











The advances LED Flood lights – fishbone

Products Description: Achieving exacting illumination performance on landscape, accent architecture and general area lighting in many commercial and residential applications with the ULTC series Flood luminaries. The sleek housing has integral heat sink fins to optimize thermal management through conductive and convective cooling.Housing is completely sealed against moisture and environmental contaminants (IP65).


˙Compact and trendy design.

˙Better lighting effect controllable and maintenance-free.

˙Creates ambience at night while also saving energy.

˙Comes with the most popular interface for flexible system integration.

˙Advanced LED technology.   


Suitable for building facades, sculptural lighting, industrial areas, advertising and landscaping.

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