Honored LED Industry Guests Attend Lighting Japan 2015 Open Ceremony


This year’s Lighting Japan, which is held in Tokyo Big Sight in Japan, continued to feature Asian LED technologies, material, equipment and lighting developments that the global industry has been closely following. The exhibition also featured next generation lighting designs including LED and OLED light sources. Some of the advanced application concepts were showcased in better exhibition locations.




Top LED industry leaders attended the 7th Edition Lighting Japan 2015, which took place on Jan. 15, 2015 at Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan.

Leading Taiwanese LED manufacturers, such as Epistar Chairman B.J. Lee, Everlight Chairman Robert Yeh, and Lextar Chairman David Su, as well as reputable lighting designers James Yuan and Uno Lai, were among


the 37 honored guests that attended Lighting Japan 2015 grand opening this year.


Lighting Japan 2015 has integrated three major expos including the 7th Edition LED/ OLED Lighting Technology Expo, the 5th Edition LED/OLED Light Expo, and Design Lighting Tokyo. About 280 manufacturers have attended the show this year, which is projected to attract 16,000 industry experts and visitors.

The 7th Edition LED/ OLED Lighting Technology Expo can be categorized into manufacturing equipment, materials, testing equipments, optical components, thermal dissipation components, drivers, lighting devices and other related products and technology. To meet current market demands, the show grounds has also especially established two new technology zones, High Brightness LED (HB LED) and optical solutions (light diffusion, Color Rendering Index (CRI) and light distribution).

The 5th Edition LED/OLED Lighting Expo is focused on lighting devices including LED bulbs, tubes, and lighting systems. Products showcased at the 3rd Edition Design Lighting Tokyo included indoor and outdoor lights, streetlights, indirect lighting, commercial lighting and other luminaire design and applications.

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