The Warranty Terms of Products


1. The scope of warranty

All the goods which are manufactured, contract manufacturing and sales by ULTC are sold or attorned legally, and there is no argument of account. It is valid in the scope of this warranty. 


2. The contents of products warranty

ULTC is committed to the responsibility of products, sold or transferred legally by us without any arguments of account.  And it will be valid only when they are claimed in 12 months since delivery day, and are applied or used under the condition defined by their specification sheets, and there are not any man-made damage, disassembling or crashing in the normal and reasonable usage. If they are disabled in function or properties, in parts or materials, and they are obviously recognized and measurable, ULTC ought to replace or repair them as soon as possible.


Basically, if they are used in one month, they should be replaced with the new ones; but if they are used over one month, we should repair them in the acceptable period.


While the goods are determined to return, the delivery way and date should be decided by us, as ULTC should pay the charge. But it is not included the extra charge due to the returned goods. Also we would offer the relevant documents to assist the refund of tax from thecustomer’s Customs.


3. The Standard Operation Procedure (SOP.) for Product Warranty

1. The buyer or his customer find the products disabled, defective or operate out of order.

2. To examine and make sure the products are ULTC’s by the label and packing, and to recognize the delivery date In order to know they are valid for warranty.

3. To contact the representative of ours and fill up the RMA form for our survey, the details of disabled condition should be described with the completed photos and match with the other process if necessary. The RMA No. will be acquired while this case is conformed to the terms of warranty.

4. Our representative should arrange the schedule of returned goods and the compensation procedure according to the requests of customer and the practical trade.


4. The Support of Technology for Products :

 ULTC ought to offer the documents about the descriptions, specification, usage and storage explanation of products.  And the buyer also have the obligation to know well for the products, in order to instruct or direct his customers. If the buyer intend to apply the products to the special purpose, or in the particular environments, please ask us for the relevant information to make sure of the suitability of products.


5. The Exception for the Warranty of Products :

   If there are conditions as the followings, the warranty for products will be void.

1.    The defective products are confirmed to be not ULTC’s products.

2.    The defective products are overdue to the warranty period.

3.    The defective products are confirmed to be disassembled or utilize out of the scope of specification.

4.    The defective products are confirmed to be acquired by the illegal or argued sources. 


 6. Liability to pay compensation

If there are the events within the claim terms and product warranty, and

are proved to be due to the seller, we should agree to make up all of the

loss and charge of buyer caused by this case. But the amount of of

compensation should not exceed the total value of sold goods in this event.